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Each softcover copy is signed by the author and will also include a personal note! Makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good book.

Autographed Book

  • Puzzled by the gruesome killing of his livestock, a rancher in northern Arizona struggles to find answers as to what is happening on his property. Was his neighbor behind the killings motivated by a recent dispute? Could it possibly be a rogue predator such as a mountain lion or bear? Or maybe it was something else. Something that some believe was just a myth no matter how many stories are told. When he can’t get answers from anyone, he turns to a private investigator for help.

    Charles knew this had the making of another case for the "918 files", which always seemed to find him, but the lure of the unusual was enough motivation to pack his gear and head up north to help find answers.

    A strange bigfoot like creature, a perplexing mystery that baffles the community and a question that no one can seem to answer; who or what is killing Kaminsky’s livestock?

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